as of May 8, 2017

About Creative Haven Entertainment

Creative Haven is a small development/production company owned and operated by Christopher Gauntt that focuses on quality entertainment that scales from small independent niche projects to those with broad appeal and wide marketability. We have several projects in development targeted for a variety of mediums, from feature film, to series, to web. Click on the links above to view past and current projects as well as to contact us.

Submission Policies

Development Material

We only accept submissions from agents, laywers, or contacts we know personally.

Unsolicited Material

Any treatments, scripts or other material that is sent unsolicited, whether by mail or e-mail will not be read, and immediately recycled/deleted. We have to do this for legal/liability reasons to avoid potential lawsuits over content if we happen to be developing projects that may be coincidentally similar in some way.

Employment Opportunities

We are not currently hiring at this time.